Project Management

Financial Considerations

There will be very few financial costs for my concept as I am able to conduct the majority of the interviews needed via phone and email. The costs will be predominantly for travel if I need to meet with an artist. The costs will consist of my travel expenses such as rail fare, petrol and if needed overnight accommodation.

Due to my planned marketing materials being predominantly online and via free social media platforms there will little, if any, cost for this. The physical promotional materials will have printing costs, as well as costs to place adverts in magazines and other printed publications. Additionally I plan to have radio adverts on stations such as Chris Country and potentially during Bob Kingsley’s country hour on BBC Radio 2 every Thursday.

I will also be visiting America during July, this was a trip arranged prior to the start of this project. This will be useful for me to contact and see artists in person across a number of U.S states. The cost of this will not be included in my financial considerations.

Collaborative Elements & Support Required

I will need the support of the artists I plan to collaborate with. Over the course of this project I will be contacting a number of artists who I hope to be able to work with. The artists I have already contacted have been extremely supportive and are all willing to take part in this project. I hope the majority that I am yet to contact will react in the same positive manner. Additionally I would be giving each artist free publicity on the numerous social media sites I plan to set up in exchange for their cooperation.

I will need minimal support from my university (University of South Wales, Cardiff) other than tutorials from my supervisor and some aid in the form of technical support when needed.

Career Goals & Future Development

Within this project I want to be able to develop an original concept from a topic that I have a genuine interest in, as I think that this will help me to enjoy the project more and to also ensure that it relates to my career and personal goals once it is completed. I aim to further develop my knowledge of third party selling via an online fashion/style database and utilise my skills to create new, interesting and intriguing marketing materials aimed at a fashion conscious consumer.

In the future I would consider pursuing a career in fashion buying, I hope that by being able to identify, via social media and website interaction, what items or style of clothing consumers are most interested in purchasing.

Within this project I aim for my digital design skills to be developed further by creating a six-month social media plan across a number of platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Additionally consumer behaviour is a broad topic that interests me. Through extensive research I will understand consumers thought processes and reasoning behind their purchases allowing me to have a better insight into the most used and effective retail platform when targeting different types of consumers, whether it be by age, gender, sub-culture or price range.

Legal Issues & Copyright

  • All images not taken by myself will be credited by the original photographer or original poster if on social media
  • All photographs taken by myself will have the permission of the subject, either verbally or written prior to posting
  • All opinions written are my own

Types of Research Used

I will be using both quantitative and qualitative research as it will allow me to gather numerical data as well as the views and attitudes towards the topics used within my research.

Primary research will include:

  • Interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Participant observation

Secondary research will include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Reviewing previously published data
  • Social media analysis for shoppable features

Gantt ChartGantt Chart