Generalised Aims & Objectives

Aim 1: Reinforce the message that stakeholders, either internal or external, are the main priority. The business would not be able to succeed unless it prioritises both of artist and customer input. Even at this early conceptual stage, the business has received much positive comment and feedback from both artists and consumers alike. It is … Continue reading Generalised Aims & Objectives



In the future Genre Style would like to use emoticodes within its posts on Instagram and other social media platforms. Unfortunately, this is not currently available in the UK and is only being trialled in the USA. The emoticode is created via the emoticode app where customers can create an emoji with a hidden URL … Continue reading Emoticodes

Monetising a Website & Social Media Platforms

There are multiple ways in which a small business could develop and monetise its free platforms. The CoSign app does this as well as many other platforms that offer the similar service of allowing users to tag their images and their followers can then shop directly, allowing them to make a commission off each customer’s … Continue reading Monetising a Website & Social Media Platforms

The Buying Power of Social Media

Social media usage is growing and within this so is the social influencer market. “The Instagram influencer market is worth $1 billion and will grow to $2 billion by 2019” (Graham, 2017) and it is “estimated that at present advertisers spend over $1 billion per year on sponsoring Instagram influencers” (MediaKix, 2017). Although social media … Continue reading The Buying Power of Social Media

Which Social Media Platform?

Social media platforms have allowed businesses, especially those in retail, the capability to personalise the consumer experience. Social media platforms used by businesses differs according to their individual needs and requirements, for example “Facebook is currently the main social media sales driver for Kate Spade” (Fernandez, 2016), whereas “55% of shoppers prefer Pinterest when it … Continue reading Which Social Media Platform?