Primary Research – Buckle & Boots Festival

I have been in contact with Buckle & Boots Festival which is in its second year and will be held on the 23rd – 25th June 2017 in Stockport, UK. In return for coverage of the festival online via social media platforms and through the genre style website I have been offered a press pass. My initial contact stated that the festival coverage was for my studies and the representative I was contacting was more than willing to aid my request. They sent promotional materials regarding their press release as well as the artist line ups for each day.

For this event I hope to be able to interview as many artists as possible and develop a bank of content that I can later publish on the website and also on social media. I hope to also develop “Artist of the week/fortnight/month” which will include a more in-depth interview with a specific artist, discussing their style now and how it has evolved throughout their career.

By speaking to an artist face to face I hope to be able to get better images of what they are wearing and also more specific details on how they choose their clothing.

An issue with this first stage of primary research is the cost associated. Due to the event being three days long, travel and accommodations are an issue but providing I am able to afford it, this event will aid my research.


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